We were approached to make the props for this film a few months ago. We confirmed that our company could create the requested accessories with our 3D printers. They would be custom made for each actor and the props will be easy handled as well as light weight.

Following discussions with the producer, we were able to propose our talents in marketing image designs.

This was the pivotal moment of  birth to the official title of the film as well as the designs. There were major changes as you can see to the movie poster, changes made by them and the banner top changes made by DMD 3D.

We were able to offer unique designs to help self-financing as well as the creation of a complete website to promote it.

You can see their website: Battle for the Holocron

The project is still evolving as long as it will not be launched on Youtube. We are pleased to continue contributing on this project. You will see progress on our social networks for this project.