Our client was looking for a way to repair the dysfunction of the flow from the pools of his fountain, and that without losing its beauty of this hand made stone work. All the ideas that had been proposed for a year did not fulfill his requests.

We where approached with a feeling of last resort hoping that new technologies would be able to find an adequate solution.

We went to see the problem of said fountain to develop a solution that would make it functional without modifying it. Thanks to 3D modeling and printing technology, we were able to create parts that fit the structure, and made testing part to show the results before the final version.

Post-printing is important to us, the pieces had to be beautiful and harmonize with the stone fountain, creating an impression that it was originally part of it. One of the primary functions of this architecture is the pleasure of looking at it, therefore, the parts made with this function in mind.

You can see the process of adding the 3 pieces on the images.