We offer several personalized services for all companies. Our services are offered in three sections. You can take all-in-one services or just one of the services.

The first service is 3D design : We create a 3D model of your project to give a image rendering or prepare it for 3D printing.

The second service is 3D printing : You give us a 3D document that is prepared for 3D printing and we evaluate with you the process used to print your object.

The third service is the post-impression : We can take 3D impression,give it a polish and realistic finish. The level of realistic of the item will be by your specifications.

The key service in Hand : This service includes all the steps named above. We take request and specifications. we then do the complete productions until the end.

We also offer specialized services to areas such as:

Maintenance of your 3D printers. We can offer maintenance or repair of your 3D machines. For more information : Maintenance