His function :


The head designer collaborates closely with the director, and often well before the official preparation of the making of the film. Following the reading of the screenplay, the decorator identifies the sets, the special effects, the accessories, etc. required. Then, in collaboration with the director, he reflects on the style, the tone of the film. Then, he draws the sets, if they are built in studio, or defines the necessary arrangements for the already existing decorations, known as “natural settings”.

Often, the decorator is responsible for the budget and maintenance of the budget of his department. He establishes it in agreement with the director of production or of the producer.

So, he surrounds himself with various collaborators: assistant, chief builder, chief painter, chief carpenter, assembler, builders, painters, etc. It must also bring together all the necessary objects and fittings: furniture, accessories, etc. He is also involved, according to the director, in the choice of the style of costumes, vehicles, special effects.

This profession offers a very wide range of intervention: the decorator may have to ensure the design and construction of both interiors and exteriors. This can lead to the construction of boats, planes, trains, streets, buildings of all styles and eras. The increasing evolution of the digital special effects integrated into the sets pushes the film decorator to learn new techniques.