Cinema, Theater or Costume


Long or short film, you always have to offer the best to the public. Do you need realistic accessories? Do you need them as precise as possible? 3D offers a quick and simple way to meet this need. We can create a custom object or costume with a unique, high quality design. 3D designing offers the possibility to easily see the realization of the product before its printing, this gives you an idea of what will be created.

Let’s start printing:


Throughout the print, we’ll show you each step so you can see how it’s changing. This allows adjustments to be made. It will be easy to do so. We understand that throughout a film’s creation adjustments are required.


Last step:


As soon as the parts are printed, we will start the post-printing work. This includes polishing and painting the parts. The painting work depends on the request you’ve made, we can make it as realistic as possible or we could make a unique style designed specifically for your film.

Here are some examples of our crafts.

You can see more here: