The universe of architecture

It is always good to give your client an overview of your project before it is built or accepted. It is not easy to present a realistic things. Despite the level of architectural plans being pushed more and more to the world who do not have 3D vision, they trouble to visualize what you have done.

To fix this problem, several solutions are offered to you: 3D rendering, Realistic models, a guided tour in 3D in virtual reality.

We offer here several of his solutions!

3D rendering,


For the realization of your products, we can make a 3D the buildings you have designed. We create this by regourstly respecting your instructions and your choices.

When the 3D item is realized, it’s time to make the pictures that will be useful for you.

We will offer angles that gives the best looks for the project.

The models,

Your customer would like to have a presentation template, but you have neither the time nor the taste to do it. We can take care of this project to make you a 3D model of impeccable presentation and professional.

3D printing offers an avenue of high definition in the creation of models carefully copying sketches made in 3D; the details of the furniture, the divisions and the building are reproduced to scale.

3D printing is more convenient while keeping a very high definition.

Here are some examples of our achievements that you will find below.

The Roof :

  • 3D printed: thickness 0.06 mm (60 micron) with a nozzle (extruder): 04 mm
  • Sanding: Smoothing the roof. 
  • Painting: None

This print version makes printing easier and faster. moreover, its cost is the cheapest. The choice of color for material is important because that’s what the world will see.

The second floor :

  • 3D printing: thickness 0.06 mm (60 micron) with a nozzle (extruder): 04 mm
  • Sanding: professional sanding to eliminate any imperfections.
  • Painting: A basic color.

It is a good alternative to have a uniform color of a product but without seeing the plastic lines of the impression. The work of professional sanding is important because it removes any imperfection of the materials giving a smooth feel to the object. The cost is higher than that of the roof because it requires more work in post-printing.

The first floor :

  • 3D printing: Thickness of 0.06 mm (60 micron) with a nozzle (extruder): 04 mm
  • Sanding: It is professionally made taking into account that several pieces of furniture are printed separately.
  • Painting: By hand, for furniture as well as for the floor. The furniture was place in the model after painting. The exterior is arranged with a model maker material that mimics the effect of grass, in order to make a more realistic product.

Here you have a high quality product that we can offer to you and your customers. We make a clean model so that at a first glance, the person visualizes and understands the realization of the architectural plan.