Pre-production is all the steps and actions to take before the shoot to ensure its smooth running. During this time, we define and research the technical, financial, and human resources that will make the film possible. Here are the different steps:

  • Finalize a Shooting Script
  • Storyboards & Shot Lists
  • Find the Right Crew
  • Location Scouting
  • Create a Proper Budget (and Stick to It!)
  • Choose Your Gear
  • Clear That Red Tape
  • Find the Right Cast
  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

These are just nine simplified stages of a complex, multifaceted pre-production process. Often these steps will be done simultaneously and in any variety of orders. Just remember that if you’re confident and prepared you can get through any hurdle and tell the story you’ve always wanted to tell. 

There are many things to think about during this process, our company can help you reduce some of the responsibility by creating tailor-made products for you. We can create props or costumes that you need for your movie, either documentary or fantasy.