What can it be used for?


A need that is increasingly in demand in the field of urban planning, architecture and landscapers.

Sometimes this helps the process of accepting a project for managers, partners as well as citizens. It must be said that often large projects require the authorization of several spheres and that everyone is not comfortable to clearly visualize the positive impact that the project will have.

By creating the 3D model with the real measurements as well as the real impacts that will have on its environment, we can give weight to your ideas.

We have had the pleasure of producing an idyllic location for luxury condos. With construction underway, presale images could not be taken for a few years, our modeling was a great asset in creating a realistic visual for the condo’s presale.

Another challenge was to help the FQM ( Federation Quebec Municipaliter ) in producing an actual model of a beach recharge/dig. This was intended to show the natural effects that water could have on the landscape with or without a wall.

3D modeling helps to give a realistic visual for your projects in a clear and precise way.