The second phase in cinematography : Pre Production.

During this process, we sometimes skip the important points of this phase … Which brings problems further during the production or distribution of the film.

If we looked at the mistakes to avoid?

Here are a few :

  • Forgetting to set achievable and measurable goals.

The moment when we must choose the reason (s) to want to make our film and what is the goal we want to go.

  • The ambitions of the project are unclear.

After highlighting one or more objectives for your project, you reach the stage of your technical and creative ambitions. It is important to make a clear and realistic list of what is possible to make for the unrealizable but tempting fantasy.

  • A vague budget without foundations.

You have a vague idea of ​​your budget but no concrete idea and you know that you need money but it will come later? Before launching the production machine, one should not have financing in hand. It’s always easier to reduce the process and its costs before they have been billed.

  • Preparing for the quick shoot.

Taking the time to prepare your shoots will save you. There will always be unforeseen events during a shoot. If you have mitigated the maximum blurry area, this will reduce team misunderstandings.

  • Poorly chosen technical team.

The dangers of taking friends or acquaintances but without before prevailed if their skills were going really well for our film. In addition, often the danger that comes is the synergy that blocks or breaks between people, we can have the best technicians but together the wheel does not turn.

  • Casting too fast.

This is an essential choice for your film because the actors are the ones who give life to your project and make the script credible. It is really necessary to devote time to it and to adequately evaluate the world which will be part of your “casting”. The actors are one of the three main pillars of any film.

  • Vacant strategy for dissemination or distribution.

The film is produced, the work is finished … By no means, it begins its beginning. For the project to be truly alive, it must be seen and for that, it must be planned or it will be possible to see it. If your media is simpler like the web, you need an established clientele. Always better to start with a loyal and informed clientele than to start from scratch at the time of its dissemination.